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One size rarely fits all when it comes to insurance. Everest Risk Group understand every industry is unique, with its own specific risks to be factored closely into your insurance strategy. It is by specialisation we can offer our clients complete confidence our services come from expertise. Expertise you can trust. We specialise in providing tailored industry-specific solutions, based on years of first-hand experience, past claims experiences as well as key insights gained from industry research.

The links, below, highlight some of the main industries we specialise in.

AFSL Professional Indemnity

We specialise in Professional Indemnity and Investment Managers Insurance for Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) holding firms. We have in excess of 100 clients with an AFSL and understand this segment thoroughly.

Financial Planners Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance

Financial Planners receive a lot of negative media, which in most cases is caused by a few ‘bad eggs’ which were highlighted further in the Royal Commission. Financial Planners (arguably the kings of using acronyms) operate in a highly regulated and changing environment that is one of the most complex, time consuming industries in which to provide insurance broking services.

Professional Indemnity & Business Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Everest Risk Group Pty has been a specialist in providing insurance solutions to Real Estate Agents for over 10 years. We understand the Real Estate industry and have intimate knowledge on the types of claims a Real Estate Agent may experience.

Professional Indemnity & Business Insurance for Travel Agents

Everest Risk Group has been providing bespoke Professional Indemnity and Business Package Insurance to Travel Agents for over a decade now. Developed in collaboration with a well-known and leading Australian based insurer, our suite of insurance provides specialist covers, meeting the exposures of owning and operating a travel agency.

Community Not-for-Profit Insurance

At Everest Risk Group, we understand the Community Not-for-Profit space exceptionally well. This unique market segment requires a certain set of skills to correctly craft a suite of products ideally suited to the business.

Hospitality Insurance

Whether you provide accommodation or serve food and beverages, each hospitality business is unique and so too are their risks.

Commercial Property Owners, Shopping Centres, High Rise, Strata, Industrial Insurance

The team at Everest Risk Group are specialists in the placement and management of insurance programmes for Commercial Property Owners. Whether it be a small office block, through to a multi-billion-dollar asset portfolio, the Everest team are specialists in providing tailored insurance packages and risk management advice.

Information Technology Insurance

If your business operates in the information technology sector, you need a specific type of insurance which can respond to claims against your products, services and/or advice.


Everest Risk Group provides comprehensive professional indemnity insurance broker services to Professionals including Accountants, Management Consultants, Real Estate Agents, Travel Agents, Financial Planners and Financial Services  (AFSL holders)

SME Business

Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of the Australian economy. With a wealth of experience working with SME clients, Everest Risk Group will help you achieve the perfect blend of protection, flexibility and value to suit your individual needs and circumstances.


Everest Risk Group offers a wealth of experience in providing specialist advice and tailored insurance solutions. It is our strategy to work with you to fully understand your business model and associated exposures and tailor a solution which meets both your financial and risk transfer needs.