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Industry Overview

If your business operates in the information technology sector, you need a specific type of insurance which can respond to claims against your products, services and/or advice.

Focused on the key areas of Professional Indemnity and Public and Products Liability, Information Technology Insurance offers protection for IT companies, suppliers, contractors, and consultants, and can effectively respond to legal claims against your business for damages associated from breach of contract. Latest development in this segment is the inclusion of Cyber risks covering your own systems damage and business interruption from a covered cyber event.

Information Technology Liability is suitable for IT companies and contractors, such as:

  • Data processors and system integrators
  • Data storage and retrieval services
  • Computer consultants and systems analysts
  • Computer maintenance and repair
  • IT outsourcing and facility managers
  • Value added resellers
  • SCADA and PLC programmers
  • Other computer-related services
  • Software Development companies
  • Government/Defence contractors
  • Clean technology companies
  • Telecommunications services
  • IT & Telecommunications equipment manufacturing

With so many policies out there, it is important you have the right advice, and the right policy. Therefore, please contact the staff at Everest Risk Group for an obligation free discussion.