Travel Agents

Professional Indemnity & Business Insurance for Travel Agents

Everest Risk Group Pty Ltd has been providing bespoke Professional Indemnity and Business Package Insurance offerings to Travel Agents for a number of years.

We understand the travel industry and have intimate knowledge on the types of claims the average Travel Agent may experience.  We have settled over 100 claims in this segment and we certainly understand where the claims come from.

Developed in collaboration with a well-known and leading Australian based insurance company our package provides specialist insurance covers meeting the exposures of owning and operating a travel business.

For travel agents, our insurance package offers very competitive premiums and the flexibility to choose the covers your business needs.

Our specialist areas include:

Professional Indemnity insurance (Travel Agent Errors and Omissions Insurance)

The high cost of a legal defence could put your travel agency out of business. Your company’s survival and your personal financial security depend upon protecting yourself against the impact of a potential law suit or demand for compensation. Almost any firm or individual that improperly performs services can cause a client to suffer an economic loss – and mounting a defence without insurance is expensive. The impact of even a baseless claim can be devastating. Would your company have the resources, time and expertise to defend against such a claim?

Claims can arise from:

  • failure to collect payments from customers within periods set by suppliers
  • scheduling and booking errors
  • failure to advise customer with regard to visa or country entry requirements
  • failure to examine and advise customers on carrier operating rules
  • false, misleading and erroneous conduct in relation to destinations, facilities and bookings

Business Insurance 

Our business insurance offering is tailored for a retail/wholesale and home office travel agent providing a range of optional insurance covers designed to protect your business.

Such covers can include all or some of the following:

  • Contents Insurance – including cost of your fit-out and other items your responsibility under lease.
  • Theft
  • Theft or Loss of Money belonging to the business
  • Business Interruption – Loss of Gross Revenue as result of an insured disaster and payment of increased costs of working
  • Public Liability – legal liability for injury or damage you cause a customer or your Landlords property (Leasehold Liability)
  • Glass – Damage or accidental breakage
  • Employment Practices Liability – claims for compensation made by your staff for such matters as wrongful dismissal, harassment, discrimination and other defined wrongful acts commitment by management.
  • Machinery or Electronic Equipment Breakdown
  • Tax Audit Insurance – costs of engaging with an accountant to comply with a tax audit
  • Portable Office Equipment whilst outside of the declared premises


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