Claims Management

Purchasing adequate insurance is only part of the equation.

By working with market leading insurance companies who have strong claims department capabilities, we are able to work towards solutions and outcomes in a more efficient manner.

It is part of our function to review with our client the progress of all claims and at regular intervals. We maintain close contact with the client and insurers from the time of reporting the claim or incident through to settlement and we provide information customised to our client’s requirements. We know claims can go off awry for variety of reasons and it is only by monitoring closely efficient handling can be maintained.

Our system for managing our client’s claims is to:-
  • Match the experience of our staff to our client’s business
  • Dedicated Claims personnel
  • Ensure that our client is provided with the most efficient and cost-effective claims handling procedures
  • Access appropriate specialists, thoroughly briefed in our client’s business who adopt preferred methods of claims handling for any particular loss
  • Vigorously pursue every possible avenue of recovery
  • Be proactive in managing to ensure that all claims are handled in accordance with the priority agreed with our client
  • Provide all relevant information to keep our client up to date on the claims progress
  • Explain insurer rationale in the setting of claim estimates and settlements
  • Provide accurate claim estimates to allow for financial provisioning if necessary
  • Provide details of recovery actions
  • And importantly, not act as a post office in the claims process