Our Commitment

Everest Risk Group is able to commit to providing the following:-


A combination of two things; technical knowledge and experience. One is no good without the other; both are necessary to be successful.
From a technical viewpoint, we are excellently placed personally and have available resources within Australia and overseas. More generally, the average length of insurance experience in our company is in excess of 15 years, working in major commercial, industrial and corporate insurance fields.
Expertise is often knowing what questions to ask and where to get the answers.
Our client list is diverse and represents “complex risks” where our overall service delivery is respected not only the specific premium cost of each policy.


This is perhaps the most important factor in ensuring the job gets done in the best possible manner. Even though we are Corporate Authorised Representatives of Insurance Advisernet Australia, your welfare has a direct relationship to our business as all major broking staff are shareholders in ERG. As a result, our motivation is second to none.


You will have direct personal access to all broking staff twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and at any one time at least three of our servicing staff will continue to be intimately involved in handling your business.

Working relationships

Within our own organisation our team reflects the strongest possible set of working relationships. We know and trust each other’s ability to perform and contribute towards the company’s objectives. Our desire is to forge similar working relationships with clients, so we enjoy doing business together and can share in the successes.