Insurance Solutions

Everest Risk Group offers a wealth of experience in providing specialist advice and tailored insurance solutions.

We often find insurance buyers are often unaware of major deficiencies within their Insurance Programme, such as:

  • Narrow coverage which has not been tailored to address the services or activities undertaken by your business
  • Ambiguous clauses / gaps in cover
  • Contractual liability exposures
  • Hidden exclusions
  • Poor claims management services of current insurer

It is our strategy to work with you to fully understand your business model and associated exposures and tailor a solution which meets both your financial and risk transfer needs.

Our focus is not to seek “quick fix” solutions or “cheap” quotes which are not sustainable through the hard market cycle. Rather we will select insurers who have a long term commitment to underwrite your business industry segment, ensuring continuity and consistency of cover and a greater degree of pricing stability backed by efficient claims departments.

We seek to actively engage you in the journey of the insurance buying process so you understand the full scope of its protection before a claim occurs.