icare is the brand of Insurance & Care NSW and acts for the Workers Compensation Nominal Insurer.

icare are introducing a new way to buy workers compensation insurance in NSW


How is Workers Insurance changing?
From February 2017, there will be a simplified way to buy workers compensation insurance in NSW.
icare will directly undertake workers insurance policies for any new business customers under the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme.


What does this mean for a new business in NSW?
From March 2017 any new business being established in NSW will buy their compulsory workers compensation insurance policies directly with icare online or via the icare Customer Support
Centre on 13 44 22


What is icare doing to improve the customer experience?
Customers can call our Customer Support Centre on 13 44 22, to talk directly to a customerservice representative about their new policy.
icare will be launching soon, an online self-service site to consolidate workers insurance information in one place to ensure transparency and accuracy. It will be a simple interface for
customers to buy and renew workers compensation insurance.

The icare Insurance Specialist Team on 13 55 22 is available to discuss premiums and injury
prevention strategies with our industry groups.


Can I still use a Broker?
Brokers are an important partner of icare and will work together with a new business to buy a
workers compensation policy to protect their employees. Broker details will be noted on any
new polices.


Does icare manage claims on new workers insurance policies?
Customers will be able to choose from one of icare’s five partner insurance agencies – Allianz,
CGU, EML, GIO or QBE for their claims management.


Who is icare?
icare ( Insurance and Care NSW) delivers the insurance and care schemes for the NSW
community. These include protection for anyone who is injured at work, severely injured on our
roads, protection for home builders and support for those with a work related dust disease.
icare workers insurance protects over 284,000 employers and 3.3 million workers in NSW and is
the NSW workers compensation scheme nominal insurer.


How do I contact icare?
 Call 13 44 22
 For all new policy enquiries email underwriting.operations@icare.nsw.gov.au
 Go to icare.nsw.gov.au/our-services/workers-insurance